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Technology helps us more and more in everyday tasks, doesn’t it? Find out right now which is the best free GPS without internet for your cell phone! Use technology to your advantage!

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Choosing a good GPS is essential to avoid getting lost in the city.

With the improvement of smartphones in recent years, several map applications have emerged to use on mobile phones — some even allow you to navigate offline and save your data plan.

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Google Maps

The most famous GPS application has been improving more and more; it lets you download a map of a region to use offline, which is great for international travel.

Google Maps is factory-installed on Android phones and is compatible with iOS. In addition to showing routes by car, it also offers options for public transport, plane, on foot and transport apps such as Uber and 99.

It also has additional features, such as finding a type of service nearby (supermarket, gas station, pharmacy) and evaluating or viewing evaluations of the establishments you visit. Pretty cool, right?

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Known for helping to identify radars, obstacles and traffic on the track in real time, Waze is the favorite of many drivers worldwide. Functionality and navigation are pretty similar to Google Maps, and it also works on most popular operating systems, which is great.

In Waze, you can view nearby drivers who also use the application and customize your car’s icon on the map.

It has a security option that does not allow the driver to type while driving – it is necessary to confirm that the passenger is the one using the cell phone.

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Here WeGo

It is the revamped version of the Here Maps app, available for Android and iOS. It features maps of large regions that must be downloaded individually and can be used offline.

Its biggest advantage is that it shows not only the routes by car. It also shows routes by foot, by bicycle and by public transport, even when there is no internet connection. That can be really helpful.


Maps.Me is an app to use offline that presents maps of each Brazilian state and automatically downloads the map of the state you are in when your cell phone has a Wi-Fi connection. You can also manually download maps for other regions or countries.

Available for Android and iOS, its advantages are not needing internet and being able to easily delete any map you no longer use. That could save some space on the device.

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Now that you know the best free GPS apps without internet to use on your cell phone, go straight to the Google Play Store or App Store.

Find the app that best suits your needs! Learn how to use technology to your advantage and never get lost on the street again!

We hope you enjoyed our post and see you soon! Bye bye!