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Have you ever thought how nice it would be to be able to download an app that increases the volume on your phone?

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We totally get that point of view! It would be really nice indeed.

With that said, we discovered something very interesting in this regard, and that is the app GOODEV. Do you know it?

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GOODEV is a free application for Android that increases the volume of the device. It is perfect for people who consider their smartphone audio to be low and want to improve the sound experience. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

Follow these steps to get to know the best the app has to offer you! We have developed this step-by-step tutorial just for you!

There’s no mistake! Here is what you have to do to use the app on your cellphone or tablet:

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Step 1.

Install the GOODEV app on your cell phone from the TechTudo page. When opening for the first time, tap “OK” to demonstrate awareness of the risks of using the tool.

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Use the slider to select the percentage by which the volume will be amplified. By default it is possible to increase up to 60%;

Step 2.

If you want to change the app’s settings, tap on the gear icon on the left of the adjustment bar. Then go to “Settings”;

Step 3.

In the settings screen, you can disable the app’s auto-launch, display the volume control and disable the non-uniform increase. Tap on “Maximum amplification allowed” to increase the volume of the phone even more – the limit is 100%;

Step 4.


To disable volume amplification, go to the Android notification center and tap on the GOODEV notification. Finally, just tap “Stop app” to stop working.

All done. Now you can take advantage of the tips to improve your cell phone volume with the GOODEV app!

It is also really important to point out that changing the sound volume can cause audio distortions and permanently damage the smartphone speaker.

In addition, listening to sound with high decibel values for a long period of time can cause irreparable hearing problems. Pay close attention to that, ok?

It wouldn’t be nice if you suffered hearing loss from misuse of your cell phone.

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Even though it is an application with a great proposal, it is very important to emphasize this point, which needs to be very clear for those who wish to venture through the application.

App that increases the volume on your phone.


Now that you know the best app that increases the volume on your phone, download it! Go to Google Play Store and try it out! With our simple tutorial, you already know everything you need to do to get it working properly.

So… We hope you will test the app and that it will help you in your everyday life! See you in the next post! Bye bye!