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Nowadays, with the world constantly evolving, it is extremely important that we can optimize our time using apps that make our lives easier, such as some that measure lands, areas and perimeters.

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With this in mind, some app developers managed to optimize this time! What we came to show you today is something new in the architecture, engineering, agriculture, etc.

They launched a tool that allows you to measure land for free with apps on your cell phone.

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Revolutionary, right?

Today we will introduce you to the main apps for measuring terrain and lands. Come with us and don’t miss any details!

GPS Fields Area Measure

This app makes it possible to measure the terrain accurately and quickly, without the need for difficult-to-use tools.

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With GPS Fields Area Measure, the daily life of professionals who work in areas related to agriculture, construction and real estate becomes much better and easy.

I’ll show you some areas where this app works!


It can be used to measure crop areas, optimize the use of inputs and monitor crop growth.


Measure land areas to plan the layout of buildings, roads, infrastructure, etc.


You can use the app to get accurate measurements and information about land to improve buying and selling relationships.

This is one of the apps most used by professionals in the field or even enthusiasts who are curious about using the app. There are over 500,000 GPS Fields Area Measure users in the world!

Download now via Google Play or App Store.


AreaCalc is a great option when it comes to measuring land and areas easily and efficiently.

For those who work in real estate or even for those who have their house and want to do it on their own.

Landscaping, topography or even outdoor activities are other areas in which AreaCalc also operates.

It’s a tool that allows a wide range of options. Below we will describe some of them.


Architects and landscapers can use AreaCalc to measure green areas, such as gardens, parks or even the facade of houses.


The app can be used as a quick tool for measurements before carrying out surveys, creating maps, charts and three-dimensional models of topography.

Outdoor Activities:

Generally used by people who go hiking or cycling. And a land measurement app is very useful at these times for planning routes and calculating distances.

AreaCalc is also one of the most used apps by landscapers, architects and gardening lovers. The numbers are very close to more than 500 thousand users. Incredible, right?

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Download now via Google Play.

We hope this was a useful article for you. We brought you the two best apps of the moment!

Now that you know these apps, don’t waste time and make the most of it by sharing this fantastic news with friends and family.

Thank you for reading this far, and until next time 😉


The conditions and benefits of each app may vary at any time and without prior notice – being the sole responsibility of its developers.

To obtain update information, we recommend that you access your favorite application store (Google Play Store or App Store) and download the apps that interests you most.