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Let’s be honest: Every person who is expecting a child (or even more than one…) must surely want to know if the baby looks like a family member, right? Find out what your future baby’s face will look like with your cell phone, that’s in the palm of your hand.

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This curiosity to know the child’s face is something very common among parents, who cannot control the anxiety to know if everything is ok with the baby, if he or she looks like someone in the family, if the baby has any traits in common with the members of the family, etc.

It’s a very important and exciting time for the whole family, and parents want to do what they can to get closer to their new baby.

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Whatever steps parents can take to get to know the baby better and bring him closer to them, they will not hesitate to do so.

So… Shall we meet the apps? We bet that at least one of these apps you already know and hadn’t even stopped to think about this possibility.


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Snapchat is a really cool app that was created in the year 2011 and its purpose is to share photos from person to person, privately, with a determined time.

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This app especially catches the eye of younger users, who can instantly exchange photos with friends.

In the app, by choosing the option “Our baby” in the chat, it is possible to have access to a photo that resulted from a mix between the two users. Isn’t that interesting?


Baby Maker app is one of the most famous apps in this category. Once you get the photo, you may be able to share it on twitter, facebook, instagram and other social media.


In the app simulation, you can choose the baby’s gender, set the skin color, among many other cool options. Even if you choose some features, the result may surprise you!


This app is free and has the objective of discovering the percentage of the baby’s similarity with the parents. With the number of couples who end up arguing about this, the app can help a lot!


This application has a curious tool, as it allows you to simulate a future child of yours with a famous person, which can even become a joke between friends. It mainly focuses on the traits.

Find out what your future baby’s face will look like.

Do you know of any other apps that we haven’t listed that you think are worth checking out? The options can be numerous. Send it to us if you can remember any! We’d love to hear about your nomination.

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Once you find out what your future baby’s face will look like, we are sure you will be super happy.


To download these great applications, go to App Store or Google Play Store.

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