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The talent of soccer players impresses a lot of people, doesn’t it? The technique, agility and strength of these athletes are capable of surprising anyone who follows soccer matches. Now, we have a question a question: do you know which are the soccer’s highest salaries? You don’t?! So we tell you right now!

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We listed the soccer’s highest salaries, so that you know who are the best paid players nowadays.

Let’s check our list, shall we? Let’s dive in!

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In Spain

In La Liga, which is the main Spanish league, the highest salary goes to the player Gareth Bale, of the team Real Madrid. The athlete receives 34 million euros each season. Gareth Bale is followed by Antoine Griezmann, with an annual salary of 30 million euros, the same as Eden Hazard, another Real Madrid player.

In France

In the French league there is a very curious fact: all 10 highest paid athletes belong to Paris Saint-Germain. Brazilian Neymar leads with 48.9 million euros a year. He is followed by Lionel Messi, who receives 40.5 million euros, Kylian Mbappé with 26.4 million euros, Marquinhos with 14.4 million euros and Marco Verrati with 14 million euros. The French league has many stars, and that no one can deny.

Of these players, Messi was elected the best player in the world by FIFA, which is the entity that oversees federations, confederations and associations related to soccer. He was elected in the years 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2019. He has the most titles of this category in history! Very impressive, isn’t it?

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In the Premier League

There are no news in this category. Fistly, let’s point ou that the player Cristiano Ronaldo has a prominent position. With 31.5 million euros annually, he occupies the first place. Kevin de Bruyne comes right after him, with 24.7 million euros and David De Gea with 23.3 million euros. It’s a lot of money, isn’t it?

In Germany

In Europe, more specifically in Germany, Robert Lewandowski leads with a remuneration of 23 million euros. Manuel Neuer and Leroy Sané come next, with 20 million euros, all from Bayern Munich.

In Italy

First place is Argentine Paulo Dybala, with 13.5 million euros, followed by Vlahovic and Szczesny, with 12 million euros each.


After that list, it even made us want to start training soccer, didn’t it? With a salary like that, everyone dreams of being a great soccer player. Playing sports is great, and when we find out how much money players make, the motivation is even bigger.

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Many boys and girls dream of being great athletes, seeing that this can be a promising path if taken seriously. It is necessary to encourage children to play sports, but never let them abandon their studies. With that, there is harmony and excellent soccer players may emerge in the future. The future awaits!

So… We hope you enjoyed this post and see you next time!