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Today, almost everyone cares – or at least should care – about their own health. Or maybe with the health of your family, loved ones and close friends, at least.

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Practicing physical activity frequently, drinking plenty of water, having regular medical appointments and paying close attention to what you eat during the day are very important steps for those who like to take care of themselves. Everybody knows that, right?

Health problems, such as diabetes, are unfortunately quite common in society. Did you know that there are, nowadays, more than one application that measures the diabetic’s glucose by cell phone?

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Currently, there are apps that help measure blood glucose level, helping diabetics to monitor their health.

Have you been paying attention to how your health is? Do you know how to help someone you know, someone in your family or a friend who has problems with their blood glucose level?

We’ve developed a list of the top three apps aimed at people who need to know their blood glucose levels, or the blood glucose levels of an acquaintance.

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Freestyle Libre

The application in question makes life easier for patients who need to measure glucose, making measurement much simpler and more comfortable.

First, the person must place a sensor on the arm. Then, just pass the app through the sensor so that it indicates and shows the amount of sugar in the blood of the person who is measuring glucose.

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Glucose Control

This application is used in conjunction with a patient’s glucometer. If the person who needs to measure glucose doesn’t have a glucometer, the app’s features won’t work the way they should.

The application even has alarms so that the person does not forget to take their medication and also has food tips. Doesn’t it sound great?


This app looks more like a diabetic advisor than a glucose meter, specifically. This app is available on iOS and Android devices and helps a lot in the daily life of patients dealing with glucose problems, such as diabetes.


Now that you can choose an application that measures diabetic glucose by cell phone, if you are a diabetic it can help you a lot and, if you are not, a friend of yours can benefit from this innovative and revolutionary application.

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Many people every day can be saved with the use of such a simple application. So, it is very important that this knowledge is shared to reach as many people as possible.

Application that measures diabetic glucose by cell phone.


People must know that there is an application that measures diabetic glucose by cell phone. As simple as that.

To download the applications mentioned above, go to Google Play Store or App Store and enjoy what technology has to offer you. Enough wasting time, right?