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Hello! How are you? We have a question for you: Do you want to Learn how to measure any area or terrain using just your cellphone?

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Well, we are here to help you to lean how to measure any area or terrain using just your cellphone. We have the answer in this post!

Are you interested in that subject? Stay with us and stop wasting your precious time doing it manually! We can show you the best apps for this!

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Read the post until the end to find out everything about the subject! Use technology to your advantage and never measure land manually again!

GPS Fields Area Measure

With the GPS Fields Area Measure app, you can make accurate measurements anywhere without the need for complicated equipment.

The app undeniably meets any need whether for agricultural projects, civil construction or just out of curiosity and thus offers a practical and efficient solution for measuring land.

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Additionally, GPS Fields Area Measure lets you add landmarks, create custom polygons, and even overlay satellite imagery for a more detailed view.

With its intuitive interface and advanced functions, this application has become an essential ally for engineers, farmers, architects and enthusiasts around the world. Pretty cool, huh?

The apps has over 500k downloads on the Play Store, so it is definitely a hit. Learn how to measure any area or terrain using just your cellphone.

AreaCalc – GPS Area Calculator

AreaCalc is an incredibly useful tool for those who work with land and area measurements or for those who are property owners and do not wish to hire professionals in the field.

Although the tool has the ability to use the cell phone’s GPS, it is possible to obtain precise measurements without the need for specialized equipment.

Furthermore, thanks to this technology, it offers a convenient and efficient way to quickly calculate areas and perimeters, saving time and effort and thus moving forward with projects.

Subsequently, its versatility allows professionals from different areas to enjoy the benefits of modern technology for measuring spaces and thus guaranteeing reliable results.

The app also has over 500k downloads on the Play Store, so the apps are equally good. You need to try both of them for yourself to find out which one best meets your needs.


So… Now that you know how to measure land or perimeter with this free virtual tool, go to Google play store and App store. Download it and have your own experience!

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