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If you own a car, you should ask yourself, in addition to many other questions, if there are any apps that fix your cars using your cellphone.

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Are you ready to know the answer to that question? We can help you!

It is not possible to fix a car or motorcycle using only a cellphone.

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However, you can use a cellphone to access information that may help you troubleshoot and fix a problem with your car or motorcycle. Isn’t it great?

We have developed a list of the best mobile apps for you to fix your cars using your mobile phone. Or at least get a sense of what service your car needs.


Starting with a national solution, already quite familiar to enthusiasts. Like many other apps on this list, Carrorama is a free tool, available for both iOS and Android.

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Carrorama is a management application that allows you to record and monitor all costs, repairs, supplies, customizations and other procedures and expenses with your vehicle.

With the registration of this information, the app prepares reports and graphs for the user, facilitating decisions, cuts and changes in the car’s budget.

Therefore, the application stimulates the owner’s financial awareness, making him develop a more economical and responsible driving, mainly with the reminders functionality.

Which helps the owner to attend scheduled maintenance, settle his installments, fines and the like.


Now we jump from finance to mechanics. Engie is a solution that focuses all its resources on the technical diagnosis of the vehicle.

To do so, the application allies itself with OBD technology, requiring pairing with a special accessory. Despite this, the app is free and is also available for Android and iOS.

The accessory we are talking about is an automotive scanner, which must be purchased on the developer’s website, noting its compatibility with your smartphone’s operating system.

With the scanner connected to the vehicle and paired with the cell phone, just run the diagnostics in the app.

That done, with just 30 seconds, the app is able to identify possible mechanical, electrical and even suspension problems.

In addition, the scanner can remain attached during displacement, performing a permanent “electrocardiogram” of the vehicle’s technical conditions.


Here, we have an app focused on supplies. In this sense, Fuelio’s main task is to meticulously monitor the mileage of your car, observing costs, managing and offering important statistics for living with the vehicle.

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Because of that, this is also an app with a more statistical and financial approach, like Carrorama.

The difference, however, is in the user experience, which prioritizes insights and features focused on fuel economy. Unlike the others, Fuelio is only available for Android devices — also for free.

Road Trip MPG

With the gap left by the absence of Fuelio in the App Store, the iOS application store, an independent developer created his own solution.

Road Trip MPG is the only paid app on this list, charging BRL 24.90 to download the tool — it is worth noting that this amount may vary, as the store’s pricing is done in dollars.

The application offers a clean, technical and objective interface, with the best graphical panel of all the solutions listed in this article.

Among the evaluations by the specialized press, the fact that Road Trip stands out among its peers stands out, delivering the best statistical experience on a mobile device, listing various information.


Now, we are back to a free and national solution that, like the previous tool, also comes from an independent developer. In addition, Carango is also an exclusive app, betting only on the Android platform.

The focus of this application is to offer most of the features of the previous ones, but with the smallest possible size.

Carango allows you to register and monitor the expenses of more than one car, in addition to offering a graph dedicated to the evolution of fuel prices — which is fed over time, with the registration of fueling carried out by the user.


But generally speaking, the focus of this app is its accessibility. Unlike the others, Carango is the one with the simplest interface.

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Finally, we have aCar, free and available for Android devices.

The app performs functions similar to other apps — expense notes and setting reminders — but stands out by offering a dedicated section for tracking parts and procedures that are or should be performed.

With this, the app ends up helping the owner in the selection of components, such as choosing the right tire.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the best environment for consumers to purchase parts for the repair and maintenance of their vehicle.


Now that you know which are the best apps to fix your cars using your cell phone, don’t waste any more time! Got o  Google Play Store or App Store and learn more about it!

we hope you liked our article. See you in the next one. Bye Bye!