You, basketball lover, would certainly love to watch NBA matches for free, wouldn’t you?

We at Olimpiac made this post with tips on what you can do to get free access to the games and not miss any more matches!

Let’s check out the list, shall we?

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Budweiser YouTube

Last season, Budweiser and the NBA partnered for the beer brand’s YouTube channel to stream live league games.

In the 2021-22 season, this partnership remained. Budweiser will also show games on Thursdays and Sundays. In addition, the brand also produces exclusive content related to the NBA for digital platforms.

YouTube by TNT Sports

The former Esporte Interativo broadcast the biggest basketball league in the world for a few years. The brand was renamed TNT Sports in early 2021 and returned to broadcast live NBA games, however, for free.

Matches are shown on the brand’s YouTube channel, which now has an agreement with the league until 2023. In 2021-22, 100 games were broadcast in total.

In 2022-23, in addition to the broadcaster’s YouTube, 36 matches will be broadcast on the broadcaster’s closed TV.

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Names like Luiz Felipe Freitas, Janeth Arcain and personalities from the Brazilian basketball community participate in the transmissions.

NBA League Pass Free Trial

The NBA League Pass offers a free trial for new subscribers, which allows you to watch live NBA games for free for a limited period.

You can sign up for the free trial on the NBA League Pass website and enjoy live games for a week or even up to a month, depending on the current promotion.

Keep in mind that you will need to provide your credit card information to sign up for the free trial, and you will be charged automatically if you do not cancel before the end of the trial period.

Use Free VPN

If you’re in a country where NBA games are not broadcast live or not available, you can use a free VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access NBA streaming services in other countries.

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A VPN will allow you to change your location virtually, and you can connect to a server in a country that has access to NBA games.

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However, free VPN services usually have limitations and may not offer the best quality streaming.

Check Out Local Broadcasts

Local channels may offer live NBA games for free in your area. You can check your local listings or use a TV guide website to find out which channels broadcast NBA games in your location.

However, keep in mind that local broadcasts usually cover only a few games per week, and they may not include all the games you want to watch.

Watch NBA Games on Social Media

You can also watch NBA games for free on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


Some NBA teams and the official NBA account occasionally stream live games on these platforms, and you can watch them for free.

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However, this may not be a reliable option as it depends on the team’s or NBA’s decision to stream the game.

Borrow an NBA League Pass Account

If you have friends or family members who have an NBA League Pass account, you can ask to borrow their login information to watch live games.

However, keep in mind that sharing an account violates the terms of service. The account owner may have limited logins, and you may face disruptions in the streaming quality.


Now that you know what to do, go straight to  Google Play Store or App Store. Download the apps and have fun! Go watch NBA matches for free!