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Discover more than one type of free app to apply beard to photos! We have developed a list especially for you, who are looking for an application that will simulate your face with different details. Beard, goatee, mustache: you name it!

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Wearing a beard, mustache or goatee can completely change a man’s appearance. We are sure that you are very curious about this subject, because the mustache marks a man’s manliness.

It represents the transition of the male body. The mustache is like an omen that that man can take responsibility.

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So, let’s check out the list of apps? So you can decide which size, cut, and mustache/beard model is best, since the application is a projection of reality.


First of all, Beardify is an application available for iOS and Windows Phone, which features several beard models, from the simplest to the most stylish.

In addition to fulfilling the objective, which is to show you how you would look with them, the application is really fun. You can play with photos of your friends and even your pets.

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To use it is very simple. Simply take a photo of your face, or select a photo from your files.

Soon after, with the photo on the screen, the application asks you to position dots over the eyes, chin and mouth.

In this way, the simulation becomes even more realistic for the proportions of your face.

In addition to showing you the photo, Beardify gives you an animation, showing how your face would look in motion. Pretty cool huh?

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Online Beard and Mustache Simulator

In principle, this simulator, available for Android devices, can also help you when choosing the perfect beard style. It gives you several options.

From the most modern, to the most retro, which are coming back to fashion with everything. The application is very simple to use.

Once downloaded, select or take a photo of your choice. Choose the mustache or beard option you want.
Customize the image the way you want. In the end, you can still choose other items to complete the look, such as hats and glasses.



Who out there remembers the fever that was aging apps? Did you know that you can also simulate a beard with it? And it gets very real. After downloading the application, select or take the photo you want to place the beard.

At the bottom of the screen, all filter options will appear. Both aging, beards, hair colors, glasses and several others.

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Select “beard” and see it in different ways on your mobile screen. Ready! In the app itself, you can save the image and share it wherever you want.

Now that you know what to do, go straight to  Google Play Store or App Store, download one of the apps and have fun!

Show the result of the photos to your friends and ask for their opinion so that they can help you choose the look that suits you best