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Use technology to your advantage, map your farm and improve livestock management and handling with the app that makes your work easier.

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A livestock farmer’s work is heavy and tiring due to the tools used to manage livestock.

Mapping your farm and choosing the best pastures to organize your livestock can be difficult, but not with this app.

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If you are looking for an easy way to optimize your livestock work, stay here and follow everything we have to show you.

Without further ado, the app that will change the way you work and make everything more organized and simpler!


The IRancho app was born on December 28, 2023 and despite being recent, it is already a success in the livestock market.

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IRancho is a livestock management app that aims to optimize and improve livestock farmers’ work.

Transforming everything that was on paper into digital, allowing for easy sharing of this information.

So, this revolutionary app relies on satellite images, and this allows you to accurately map the farm.

Therefore, the registration of contacts, machines, animals and monitoring can be carried out automatically. Pretty cool, right?

IRancho Interface

This app also known by the name App do Peão, presents tools that have simple and basic usability.

You can easily manage your farm and map the pastures where the cattle will be located.

It is not necessary to have great knowledge to use the app, as it has very objective and direct options.

Just select the desired options and move according to the instructions contained within the app, for certain functions.

This way your self-sufficiency increases, and you stop being dependent on paper and pen, leaving everything more organized.


IRancho brings you enormous benefits, so below we will leave some of its main benefits so that you can start using it too.

  • Launches on cell phones: All information about your farm and livestock will be saved in the app.
  • Optimization: With the speed of registration and registration in the app, you will save time at work.
  • Real-time information: All herd data such as vaccination, medication and weight can be accessed quickly.
  • Remote access: Everything can be done from your cell phone, which ensures greater work efficiency.
  • Friendly interface: The app presents simple and objective software, in an intuitive and basic way.
  • Organization: Check through the app which paddocks are full and which still have space for livestock.
  • Simple management: Quickly visualize areas for handling movement in a much safer way.

With all these benefits in your favor, working as a livestock farmer can yield much more if done in an optimized way.

Therefore, have everything in the palm of your hand quickly to optimize your work as a livestock farmer in the field.

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Map your farm and improve livestock management and handling with this revolutionizing app, start 2024 ahead!

Download now via Google Play Store.


The conditions and benefits of each app may vary at any time and without prior notice – being the sole responsibility of its developers.

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