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Have you ever heard about the PROSPERA scholarship program in Mexico? With this article, you can find out how to receive PROSPERA social assistance! One of the problems against which countries in the world struggle most is poverty. That is serious bussiness…

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In Mexico, according to figures from the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL), for the year 2018, 41.9% of the population was in poverty.

With social programs like PROSPERA, the government of Mexico seeks to provide support to these communities, with the aim of opening their doors to services that can help them overcome their situation and contribute to the social development of its inhabitants.

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PROSPERA is a program belonging to the Social Development Secretariat of Mexico, which is in charge of providing the necessary resources so that almost 7 million Mexican families can count on access to basic services such as food, health and education.

In addition, it also allows each of its beneficiaries to access different productive projects of the Mexican State, providing them with labor and different financial services that directly benefit them. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

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When was PROSPERA created?

This initiative by the Mexican State was created in 1997, benefiting about 300,000 families in rural areas of the country. The program was once called “Programa de Educación, Salud y Alimentación (Progresa)”, and already for the year 2002 it served about 2.4 million homes. That is super impressive!

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In addition to that, and as we mentioned in previously, the main benefits that PROSPERA offers to communities in situations of poverty are access to education and health services.


One of the most important PROSPERA programs is PROSPERA Scholarships, also known as the National Scholarship Program for Benito Juárez Bienestar. This program seeks to provide the necessary tools to all the poorest communities in Mexico. With that, their children, adolescents and young people can have access to a quality education.

In this program, there are three different types of grants. Those are basic education grants, upper-medium level grants and Jóvenes Escribiendo Futuro grants. There are really many options.


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Surely this benefit that the Mexican government provides can help many people who are in need. We hope you enjoyed our article and that you learned how to get this assistance benefit.

You can learn more on their website! Feel totally free to browse and find out how to receive PROSPERA social assistance! If you don’t need it or if you fit the type of person who can receive the benefit, pass it on to your family and friends! Sometimes, someone may be in need of that help and you don’t even know…

We hope you continue to follow the content of our site and be sure to read our next articles! Bye Bye!