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Baseball is a popular American sport that attracts millions of fans around the world.

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However, many of them are unable to watch the games live due to personal commitments or some geographic limitation as there are fans from all over the world.

Fortunately, technology has made this possible. Do you know there is an App that streams baseball live on mobile? Actually, there are lots of them!

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Do you want to know more? Read this article until the end!


If you’re looking to watch MLB games on all your devices during the season, there’s probably no better option than FuboTV.

It’s a full-featured streaming service with a heavy emphasis on sports, and with access to networks like ESPN, FS1, FS2, and the MLB network, you’ll almost certainly never be left out of a live MLB stream.

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You can even take advantage of a FuboTV free trial and explore a week of free access to the service. FuboTV subscriptions regularly start at $75 per month.


Sling TV is one of the best places to watch MLB this season, as a subscription gives you access to a variety of channels that will cover Major League Baseball games.

This includes sports giants like ESPN and ESPN2, as well as networks that general sports lovers will love, like TNT and TBS.

ESPN in particular is one of the best networks for a live MLB stream and is available as part of Sling’s basic Blue and Orange subscription plans.

They start at $40 a month, and first-time subscribers can usually take advantage of a 50% discount for a month.



You can find MLB games on ESPN’s television network several nights a week, but you can also find additional games throughout the season on ESPN Plus.

This is an independent streaming service from ESPN and costs $10 per month. It’s probably worth it if you’re a baseball fan, as a subscription will get you access to dozens of additional MLB games throughout the season, but it also gives you access to MLB archives.

Hours and hours of additional ESPN original content is part of the package, and while there’s no free ESPN Plus trial to enjoy, ESPN Plus is included at a discount as part of the Disney Bundle, which gives you access to Disney+ and Hulu in addition to ESPN+ , starting at $13 per month.

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YouTube has become so accessible across all devices that YouTube TV may be the most convenient way to watch MLB online this season.

While YouTube TV currently does not carry the MLB network, it does carry networks such as ESPN and other sports channels that will offer access to live MLB streams during the season.

YouTube also offers perks like unlimited DVR recording, which makes it much easier to keep up with your favorite teams.

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YouTube TV even offers new subscribers a free trial, and once it’s sold out, the subscription will only cost you $65 per month.


Now that you know everything about apps that stream baseball live on mobile, go straight to  Google Play Store or App Store and download one of the apps!

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