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Do you want to know which app can make you watch live soccer for free on your cellphone? We can help you! In this post, we will list for you which are the best apps in this regard.

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Shall we check the apps? Let’s go!


The first one on our list has live broadcasts of several sports, but focuses mainly on soccer.

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So, if you want to watch live soccer on TV, it might be a good option.

New subscribers in the US will be charged USD$24.99 a month or USD$224.99 for an entire year or you can sign up to DAZN’s new 12-monthly plan for USD$19.99 a month, equating to a lower yearly total of USD$239.88.


For those who want access to live soccer today on TV, DirecTV Go can be an excellent alternative.

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This is because the application has more than 70 live channels, including soccer matches.

To watch live soccer on TV, DirecTV Go offers, for example, ESPN, SporTV and Fox Sports. Thus, it gives access to the main national and international competitions.

They have plans starting at USD$74.99/mo.


Facebook Watch has been, for the last four years, an excellent choice for watching live soccer on TV.

If you go back to showing interesting competitions, you might find that Facebook is a good app to watch free soccer on your smart TV.

To do this, just download the Facebook Watch app for television or mirror your smartphone.


HBO Max has a varied catalog of movies, series and other content, including sports. For those looking for live soccer on TV, the app is a good choice.

This is because the platform has the right to broadcast the matches of the UEFA Champions League, the most important and acclaimed international competition in the world.

It is worth noting that some of these games are exclusive to HBO Max.


Regarding prices, it is good to point out that there are two plans.

There are basic differences between Mobile and Multitelas, including possibilities for monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions.

As you are looking to watch it on TV, we can highlight that the ideal is Multiscreens.

To subscribe, you can find plans that start at USD$9.99/month.


Another holder of rights to broadcast live soccer on TV is Disney.

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And it’s because of her that one of her streams, Star+, is ideal.

In the 2022/23 season, for example, it will be possible to see on Star+ competitions such as the Europe League, Conference League, and some of the biggest national championships and cups in Europe.

Those who want to watch live soccer on TV today can subscribe to Star+ in several ways. Alone, streaming costs USD$14.99/month.


Now that you know which are the apps to watch live soccer for free on your cellphone, feel free to enter Google Play Store or App Store and have access to them.

We hope you liked our post. See you in the next one.