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At the moment we are living, we need apps for everything. There are even apps that let you see which celebrity you look like.

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Very interesting, isn’t it?

We developed this post so that you can have fun with your family and friends finding out which celebrities you look like. We’re sure you’ll have a good laugh together!

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So… Let’s go to the apps?


Firstly, comes Shapeshifting. Shapeshifting is a filter used by Tik Tok, which compares with characters from movies like the Marvel universe, Disney, among others.

The tool acts through a photo and so the service points out what character looks like.

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Gardient is one of the most famous, as it has reached over 1 million downloads due to its edition showing which artist you look like.

The application has several filters to perform the face change and by collecting this information ensures machine learning.

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The Service works through a monthly subscription that varies from BRL 16 to BRL 78 per year, as it is available for subscribers with several editing tools, but the user can also test the application for three days free of charge so that he can get to know it better.


It is important to remember that during the test it is necessary to provide credit card information, and after the test period, if the user does not like the service, it is necessary to cancel the provided card information in order not to be charged.

Face match

The application works very simply, you need to select a photo that shows your face, then enter your age and gender.
In addition, Face Match provides an even more fun side, being able to gather photos of friends to be able to play in “Battle face” where the app will define which one looks like the famous one.

Now you know that there are several applications for you to see which famous person you look like and you can enter your cell phone’s application store.

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Go straight to  Google Play Store or App Store and download one of the apps.

We hope that you liked the article that we have developed for you and that you will follow us in the next posts.

So… See you soon! Bye bye!