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Tell us something: Isn’t it frustrating to be a fan of baseball or any other sport and not know how to get easy access to matches? We bet it is! Can you imagine being able to watch live baseball on your cellphone? We know how to do it!

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A sports fan’s journey sums up to keep up with their favorite team at all times during the game season, and you’ll be amazed at how many free options are currently available to watch matches.

Thanks to the technologies that are available, we can count on several types of applications to make our life and our routine easier.

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There are some free apps that broadcast live – without you having to pay a subscription to access the content – practically all the content you are interested in concerning your team.

With this in mind, we have developed a special list that you have at your disposal so that you no longer miss your baseball team’s matches throughout the game season. Let’s check them, shall we?


The most reliable means by which you will be able to access information about the evolution of your team is through its official page.

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With reliable and up-to-date information, there’s no mistake.

The MLB app is the number one source for live baseball on your cellphones and tablets. The app the official app for Major League Baseball.


The biggest and most relevant video streaming website nowadays can also be your great ally when watching that long-awaited game.

Take good advantage of this tool to access live programming and interact with other viewers to make it even cooler.


The world-famous ESPN sports broadcast channel has free, high-quality broadcasts.

“Watch free NFL on mobile”

If what you want is to watch live broadcasts, you must subscribe to the channel, but it is also possible to have access to baseball games without interruptions in another modality.


This website is well known and offers resolutions that do not require such a robust internet plan, which attracts many viewers.


Among the most famous websites in this field is MamaHD, which broadcasts all sports events, such as Major League Baseball.

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This application draws a lot of attention because it allows the user to watch, through online broadcasts and completely free of charge, several matches of various sports.


So… The website, which has had loyal fans for a long time, is considered to be one of the best sites to watch baseball and other sports because its catalog is very wide, which already draws attention due to the variety of options.

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To download the applications mentioned, go to Google Play Store or App Store and enjoy!

Each fan has a different personality type. Therefore, we suggest that you test the platforms we listed and find out which one best suits your style.

Sometimes the platform that people like the most is not always your favorite, so you just have to try it for yourself.

Honestly, we hope you liked this article about how to watch live baseball on your cellphone! See you next time!