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Although we are close to the next World Cup, which this year will be held in Qatar in November. Find out more facts about the world cup.

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Hosting the World Cup in November to escape the desert heat is not the only curiosity about this competition. Discover everything here.

A World Cup with three venues

First of all, hosting a world cup is something very expensive for countries, because, in addition to the stadiums, many things are needed.

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So, sharing a World Cup can be much cheaper and easier to do. This will happen in 2026.

Thus, Canada, Mexico and the United States will share the 2026 World Cup, that is, the cup will take place in 3 countries simultaneously.

Debut of a team in the 2022 World Cup

In the beginning, we will see the debut of a team in World Cups, the Qatar team will play the event for the first time.

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Qualified for being the host country, the Qatari team is very excited to be able to be at the event in their country.

This World Cup must go down in history as one of the best structures ever created for an event of this size. And there will still be the Qatari team playing the event for the first time.

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The fastest goal

Do you know what was the fastest goal in World Cups? With just 15 seconds, Turkey player Hakan Şükür scored against South Korea.

So, with just 15 seconds this is the fastest goal in the history of the World Cups, this happened in 2002.

At first, without having much history in World Cups, the Turkish team made its name by scoring the fastest goal in World Cups.

Who are the players with the most participations in Cups?

Playing in a World Cup is the height of a football player, many dream of it and never achieved it.

But some manage to play more than one World Cup, however, what about the players who played 5 World Cups?

This is the case of the athletes, Antonio Carbajal, Lothar Matthäus and Gianluigi Buffon. They are the athletes with the most World Cups in history.


Do you know how much the World Cup champion and Vice make?

First of all, winning a World Cup generates many benefits for players. Some end up being negotiated for higher values with other clubs.

Winning a cup yields many benefits, and one of them is the award the teams receive for the title. The champion will receive the amount of R$ 192 million, a record in the prize pool.

The runner-up will receive the amount of R$ 137 million, this at the Qatar World Cup in 2022. A great prize for the teams that make the final.

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Do you know who was the oldest player to play in a World Cup?

Firstly, we have players who are able to play longer, others, however, have to stop due to injuries. But in World Cups, who was the oldest player?

Facts about the World Cup.

The oldest player to play in the World Cup was El-Hadary an Egyptian, who played at 45 years and 161 days. A record so far.

Thus, the goalkeeper left his name marked in the history of the main football championship in the world. Will we have a record in Qatar? Time will tell!

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