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Surely you’ve seen images of your family, friends and acquaintances circulating on websites and social media that seem to be drawings or paintings.

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What you may not know about this is this: they are using mobile apps to make the images look like that!

That’s easy, isn’t it? In addition to being very interesting to see the result of your photos after the modifications, it’s still very funny to share with the people you like and have a good laugh together.

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Prepare your cell phone and all your creativity to discover the applications below and also to produce images that you never thought would be so simple.

With a single touch, you no longer have a simple photo, but a true work of art!


This super modern app uses artificial intelligence to convert the image you select into a completely different image.

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The result is incredible: photos that look like they’re straight out of cartoons and stunning caricatures.


This app is one of the most popular ones nowadays. Its filters simulate as if the images were paintings by famous painters, they give the appearance of handmade drawings, change the colors, etc.


PicsArt is also another very interesting and popular app. Its filters and editing options are very varied and fun, being possible to use stickers and prints, make collages, merge images, add textures and lights, change image backgrounds and many other features.

It’s really worth checking out the functions that this app has!

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This app is more focused on urban art concepts and common elements in architecture, such as mosaics and stained glass, offering funky options for users to enjoy several different styles.


As the name implies, the app takes the photo of the user’s choice and transforms it into a drawing, a sketch.

In this app, the user even has the option to choose from which type of pencil the illustration will be “drawn”, completely changing the effect applied.

Seeing a photo of you as if it were a drawing is the great differential of the application.



For users of Apple-branded devices, the Clip2Comic app is an excellent choice for downloading from the app store, because in addition to transforming an ordinary photo into a drawing or caricature, it also allows it to be made in videos, which is even more impressive.

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That way, the video looks playful as if you were in a cartoon!

Surely by now you must be super curious and thinking about checking out the drawing version of your own photos.

Best apps to turn photos into drawings.


Download one of the applications that most caught your attention and check the result in the styles you want and in as many photos as you want!

To download apps, go to Google Play Store or App Store.