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learn to play guitar

How to play guitar on your cellphone

Knowing how to play a musical instrument is the dream of many people, isn’t it? Being able to play your favorite songs in a circle of friends or family can be very cool and exciting. Do you know you can learn how to play guitar on your cellphone? That’s right! Currently there are applications that …

remote control on cell phone

Remote control apps to use on TV

Surely you’ve lost your remote control and wondered how great it would be if there were already remote control apps to use on TV, right? The ease that the cell phone brings is fantastic. What you may not know is that this type of technology already exists. With a simple visit to your mobile phone’s …

watch tv on mobile

Apps to watch TV anywhere

Surely you like to follow some programs on your television. What you may not know is that you don’t necessarily need to be physically in front of the television for this. Currently, there are apps to watch TV anywhere you want. That’s right! We’ve developed a playlist that will help you watch whatever programming you …

Learn to drive now on mobile

Learn to drive now on mobile

Only those who have some insecurity or fear about driving motor vehicles know how bad it is not knowing what to do behind the wheel. Learn to drive now on mobile. How bad it is to feel pressured, judged and even diminished… But… Did you know that there are some apps in the most renowned …


Best apps to use filters on photos

Social medias that focus on posting photos are always on the rise. From Snapchat to Instagram, knowing how to edit your photos can be a differential when it comes to attracting attention. But you don’t have to take several courses or pay a lot to get amazing results, just use one of these apps, try …