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See forgotten values and see how to redeem them. It is not known to many people the amounts to be redeemed in banks, and today you will see how to do it.

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At the beginning of the year, any money we can receive is very helpful, isn’t it? With that in mind, let’s give you a little help in this matter and show you how you can redeem this money.

Therefore, you may consult the values by individual (CPF) and also companies (CNPJ), just have the date of birth or date of opening of the company.

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So come on, we will show you how to make this query and rescue quickly and simply. Come with us and understand everything!

Who can consult and redeem forgotten values?

  • Individuals and companies.
  • If you have any relatives who have deceased
  • Accounts closed with an available balance.
  • Improper credit card charges.
  • Unredeemed funds in relation to the consortium.

What are the forgotten amounts to be received?

For 2024 the amounts to be redeemed exceed 7.5 billion, according to government data.

Until the date $5.3 billion has been redeemed and approximately $12.8 billion more are still available from financial institutions.

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The data reveal that there are more than 60 million Brazilians who are on this list to receive. However, only 27.85% redeemed this money, stay tuned and grab your forgotten value as well.

In this way, around 62.98% have up to R$ 10.00 to redeem. From R$ 10.01 to R$ 100.00 represent 25.71%. Values from R$ 100.01 to R$ 1000.00 add up to 9.64%.

And only 1.68% are entitled to amounts above R$ 1000.00. See forgotten values and see how to redeem them.

How to query forgotten values?

  • Firstly, you must access the website: Valores a Receber and click on “See receivables”.
  • Soon after, you will inform you of your CPF or CNPJ.
  • In the case of the CPF you will write the date of your birthday below, while with the CNPJ you will inform the date of opening of the firm.

So, if you have any forgotten amount to receive, the site will inform you about the amounts and conditions for redeeming the money.

Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the data provided by you, as they will be used to schedule and request the transfer.

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Appointments will vary according to the company’s anniversary date or opening date.


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