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After all, who has never needed to translate something at the last minute and with utmost urgency and was faced with not knowing the foreign language? Your problems are over! Stay with us and discover apps that translates photos and videos in real time.

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Due to technological advances, it has now become much easier to use applications through Smartphones to have access to foreign languages and direct translation of whatever you need.

New applications are using methods to translate whatever you need quickly and easily, such as pointing the device’s camera at a sign to translate it, or pronouncing a phrase that it repeats out loud in another language.

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To do this, we have prepared a list with some incredible application options that will translate everything you need in real time.


iTranslate offers the possibility of translating words, phrases and texts into more than 90 languages.

Furthermore, the app has an amazing voice function, just start speaking and your voice is recognized for another language in text.

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You can still save your translations for later offline access. iTranslate is free to download and use, but the iTranslate Premium version removes ads and is available as a one-time purchase. Available for Android, IOS and Windows Phone.

Automatic Translator

Automatic Translator is an incredible platform that offers a great advantage, such as working offline.

In other words, even without internet, you will be able to translate the sentences you want. It supports more than 30 languages, allows you to listen or speak the sentence and even records the translation history. Available for Android and iOS

Google translator

Another incredible option is Google Translate, which proves to be easy to use, in addition to enabling translations of images without an internet connection.

The application also has the function of translating words in writing or via audio, in addition to the new technology offering a new real-time translation feature, just point the cell phone’s camera at a sign, poster, or text and on the screen itself. Cellphone translation is done instantly.

The application is available for Android, IOS and Windows Phone.

Photo, Voice, Text Translator

Last but not least, we have the Photo, Voice, Text Translator, which has integrated AI in its settings based on the “Translate into all languages” feature.

The translator understands human speech in all languages ​​of the world and makes it possible to become your assistant in communicating with foreigners.

This video, photo, image translator is smarter than any kind of human interpreter, so just scan and translate. Easy!

The application is extremely fast and allows you to get a quick translation of your interlocutor’s speech. Feel free to use it on the street or in any public place, as well as using it 100% free.


Now that you’ve learned how to discover the apps that translates photos and videos in real time, go to Google Play Store or App Store and download one of the apps!

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