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Hello! Do you want to know how to watch UFC for free on your cellphone and TV? Then this text is for you!

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We developed this post for you who want to know how to watch UFC for free on your cellphone and on TV… Read the text until the end to find out everything about the subject!

The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is a Mixed Martial Arts organization that produces events around the world. It is currently the largest and most popular MMA organization in the world, recognized for having the best fighters in the world. Very impressive, isn’t it?

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Since the UFC has many fans around the world, we have brought in this post an explanation of what you should do to find out how to watch UFC for free on your cell phone and on TV.

Let’s find out!


UFC is a free application that allows you to watch UFC live on your Android or iPhone (iOS) cellphone. The app plays UFC Pay-Per-View content – so you can watch the fights live, as well as watch the archived fights.

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To do this, simply access the UFC library. The app gives you access to news, events and everything about the UFC universe. The software streams live events every week with your UFC Fight Pass subscription.

To watch the fights, open the app and go to “Free Videos”. Choose what you want to see. A window will open with the player. The app also offers three different angles for you to watch the fight in the Octagon.
Click on “Blue Corner” to watch the fight from the blue corner of the ring and “Red Corner” if you want to watch from the left corner. The other option is “Camera 3″. The player can favorite and comment on the fight in real time.

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UFC Fight Pass streams all UFC events, including numbered events, Fight Nights, main cards and prelims. In addition, it also offers live broadcasts of partner events, such as ADCC, LFA, Shooto, Cage Warriors, Polaris, among others.


Weeks before the event, Combate UFC begins publishing the most anticipated fights and you can now get ready to watch the main MMA broadcasts for free and live.

On live fight days, what is often at stake are cards eagerly awaited by the public, with high-performance fighters and title fights. Exciting, isn’t it?

To watch the UFC online and on TV for free, you need to start following the event from 5pm, the time when the fights start. On the Combate website it is possible to watch “Aquecimento Combate” for free.

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Now that you know how to watch UFC for free on your cell phone and TV, don’t waste any more time! Go now to the websites highlighted in this post and have access to everything related to the world of UFC.
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