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Only you who are afraid of driving know how much it can harm your life. It was thinking of you that we developed a list that can help you discover how to lose your fear of driving and regain your autonomy.

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Here are 10 tips to help you understand how to overcome your fear of driving alone. After this list, you will never be the same and we are sure you will overcome your fear!

Shall we check the list? Let’s go!

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Find out why you are afraid

One of the first steps is to understand the source of your fear. Part of the process of getting rid of traffic phobia is understanding where all these feelings come from.

It could be that it was a traumatic experience, or sometimes you might be thinking too much. For this, you can count on professional support, such as a psychologist.

Try to relax

It seems obvious, but investing in activities like outdoor walks, stretching and meditation will help you take the weight off anxiety before getting in the car.

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It is important that you feel confident in yourself to drive in the best possible way. Being nervous won’t help you at all.

Understand your limits and don’t cover yourself so much

Remember: you are capable and are already taking the first step to get rid of your fear of driving alone.

Start slowly, respecting your time. It may take time to fully overcome this trauma, and you need to understand that it’s okay.

Knowledge is key

Rescuing preventive and defensive driving lessons from legislation classes will help you to know better what to do on a daily basis, especially in unforeseen situations.

Knowing what you are doing greatly increases your chances of success!

Plan your commute

Set milestones like driving to work, going to the grocery store, taking a commute to a distant neighborhood.

Stipulate goals. It’s important to organize your schedule with a daily practice routine for creating a new habit. So you know you need to do a little bit a day.

Get used to being alone in the car

Discover the best seat position, adjust the mirrors, test drive. Adaptation includes becoming familiar with the vehicle you will spend a good few hours driving, including the feeling of being alone with it.

If you feel good inside the vehicle, that’s already half the battle.

Get the car out of the garage

Start with the simple and basic: practice getting your car in and out of the garage, taking small turns around your street or block.

Do this until you feel safer driving longer distances alone. Practice leads to perfection.

Find your trusted copilot

Invite someone to support you during this period. The security of having an experienced driver around will be excellent for clarifying your doubts, reducing your anxiety and fear of driving alone.


Don’t go completely out of your comfort zone at first.

In the beginning, choose known routes and quiet streets to train. Driving where you feel safe is a good starting point for gaining confidence.

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This path will get easier with practice. There’s no point in facing a big challenge the first time you leave with the car.

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Choose strategic places to park

Have you reached the sixth day of practice? So now it’s time to tackle the parking lots. Prioritize vacancies with as few obstacles as possible.

If your confidence has grown, it may be time to increase the difficulty and look for parking in more challenging locations.

We’re sure that after all the new tips, you’re feeling a lot more confident about getting in a vehicle and driving! Now you know all you need to lose your fear of driving. Be sure of one thing: you can do it!