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Best apps to use filters on photos

Social medias that focus on posting photos are always on the rise. From Snapchat to Instagram, knowing how to edit your photos can be a differential when it comes to attracting attention. But you don’t have to take several courses or pay a lot to get amazing results, just use one of these apps, try …


App to discover Wi-Fi

Nowadays, everyone is connected to their cell phones all the time. To save on mobile data usage, it would be wonderful to have an app to discover Wi-Fi, wouldn’t it? There are apps that can help you find out the password for Wi-Fi networks, and thus can help you in times when you have no …


Mobile tracking app

Losing your cell phone is quite frustrating, isn’t it? Whether it is because it was stolen, or when you lose it inside your own home. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a mobile tracking app? There really is! Some apps can be used to easily locate your lost device. The apps we listed are …