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measure blood pressure

Best apps to measure blood pressure

Hypertension is a silent disease, which usually only causes symptoms when it has been installed for a long time and has already compromised the functioning of several organs. The Ministry of Health indicated in 2017 that 141,878 deaths were recorded due to the condition or causes related to hypertension in Brazil. Still 37% of these …


Crossfit beginner tips

Do you know someone who practices Cross Fit? People who do crossfit like to talk about it, explaining its benefits. Learn about Cross Fit tips for beginners. Even though you hear about how good Cross Fit practice is, knowing how to do it is the best thing for beginners. Especially if you want to avoid …

pregnancy tracker app

The Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps

Pregnancy is always an important event in a couple’s life.  From the moment you find out you’re pregnant, everything else is about that baby and the expectations you have for him or her.  That is why every mother and father want to keep track of this process.   It is understandable, once it is a unique …