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Nowadays, everyone is connected to their cell phones all the time. To save on mobile data usage, it would be wonderful to have an app to discover Wi-Fi, wouldn’t it?

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There are apps that can help you find out the password for Wi-Fi networks, and thus can help you in times when you have no more mobile data available and you want to watch something or make a video call, for example.

We’ve made a list of some of these apps, which can be easily found in your mobile app stores.

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So… Shall we check the list?


This app works as a large community that, when a user finds out the password of a particular wifi network, he shares it with the rest of the app’s users.

As the community is quite large, the application has more than 10 million registered networks, which helps a lot of people to have access to networks.

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Wi-Fi Map

The wifi map app works more or less like Instabridge. It works like a social network, which helps you to check available networks in your vicinity or even search for networks in cities anywhere in the world. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

Wi-Fi magic

Mobile tracking app

Like another collaborative app, users of this app share wifi passwords for public places, but can also include photos and comments on their favorite hotspots.

Another very interesting tool that this application offers is that when you are traveling, you can choose to save all the hotspots of the destination to access them offline. Cool, huh?


Even with a slightly smaller community than the other apps on the list, the Wiman app is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use options, which is very attractive to new users who want to test out the options that are available in the app stores .

In this app, users themselves share Wi-Fi passwords for public places, such as restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops, etc. The community plays a very important role in the development of the application’s main function.

Wi-Fi finder


Departing a little from the proposal of the other applications on our list, WiFi finder does not reveal passwords, but automatically connects you to public networks. That’s quite nice.

The application shows on its own map the network that has the best download and upload speed, separating them with the colors red, yellow or green.

It is also possible to filter the establishments by categories, as well as the others.

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Now that you know which apps can help you connect to public networks, we have an important warning: Be very careful when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.

App to discover Wi-Fi.

Using unknown public networks opens doors for people to be able to view your device’s screen and gain access to data they shouldn’t have. It can be quite dangerous, so be careful.


We hope this post helped you understand how you can use an app to discover Wi-Fi. To access the apps, just enter the App Store or Google Play Store.