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Have you ever wondered how places look like from above?

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That is what satellite images allow us to have.

In that sense, in the past, people used to have to consult maps to get to places or ask for information.

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Nowadays, we have access to this kind of information right on our hands.

That is all thanks to the advance of technology and apps such as Google Earth, which allows us to see more than we could ever imagine.

So, if you are a person interested in learning more about our planet and different places, this is for you.

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Here we will teach you how to get satellite images in your cellphone using Google Earth.

What is Google Earth?

First, it is important to understand what is this tool and why it was created.

Google Earth is a computer software that displays three-dimensional views of the Earth.

The engine’s visual representations are based on satellite photos.

Planet Earth is shown on the web page as a 3D globe that may be rotated in different directions.

People may view towns, landscapes, houses, and even other planets with Google Earth.

You may download the program on your smartphone or tablet.

You can also use a feature called “street view,” which enables you to see satellite photos of locations.

We’ll show you how to use Google Earth to acquire satellite images.

How does Google Earth work

To have access to satellite images from Google Earth, you have to access it online or download the app in your cellphone.

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See the steps below to take satellite images:

1. Go to the website and log in or download the app and open it.

2. Then, on the left-hand side of the screen, select the research icon.

3. After you’ve completed this step, type the name of your city, address or any place you would like to get images from.

4. The globe will then zoom in, highlighting the geography of the place and allowing you to see the neighborhoods, buildings and other structures.


After these steps, you will have access to satellite images from many places and it is also possible to save them.

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In order to save the images you get, you have to access Google Earth Pro, which is a paid version of it and that offers a great deal of features as well.

Besides, if you have downloaded the app in your cellphone, you can take screen shots of the images you would like to have.

How to get Satellite images.

This way you don’t spend money and the result will be the same.


Now that you know more about Google Earth, access your Google Play Store or App Store and download it.

I am sure you will get to know new places and even planets through satellite images.