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Applications to watch free soap operas on your cell phone. Initially, we know that almost every human being likes to watch soap operas, and they are not always in front of the television, we will recommend applications to watch soap operas for free on your cell phone.

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First of all, we have that soap opera that is our favorite, that has a specific time, where we have to stop everything to watch and we are not always at home.

This way we will mention the free applications so that our readers can watch the soap opera wherever they are.

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Don’t waste time and in your free time watch your favorite soap opera, use your lunch break, use it and return home, of course if you’re in traffic don’t watch it.

Old Novels

Those who are passionate about old soap operas will also be able to review the soap operas that were successful and thus satisfy their nostalgia.

Don’t waste time and see the best apps to watch free soap operas on your cell phone, without internet.

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First of all, this application is completely free, it offers a huge catalog of soap operas, it also offers series and films.

The Vix platform has several Latin soap operas and the user can register on different devices to be able to watch them if their cell phone runs out of battery.

The application intelligently sees the most popular searches and indicates soap operas or series that are most similar to your tastes.

Making it easier for you to find the coolest and most popular soap operas of the moment, as soon as a soap opera is finished, don’t waste time and check out the app’s instructions.


GloboPlay is already known for having countless content such as soap operas and among these contents, news, sports and series.

Watch your favorite soap operas, and you can also download them to watch later or when you have free time.

These episodes that you will download consume a little of your cell phone’s memory, but don’t worry, they take up little storage space.

With the soap opera saved in the download you will be able to watch it without spending internet, enjoy and download more than one episode and save it for when you need it.


Firstly, the sports part is not free, the user must pay to have access to news that comes on a paid plan.

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Learn how to access the Globoplay soap opera catalog.

  1. Download it to your app gallery.
  2. With the application open, click on the button written (Explore)
  3. Go to the tab where it says (Novelas)
  4. It will open up a lot of soap opera diversity for you to watch, choose the soap opera you like most and select the first episode to watch.
  5. With the written tab (Favorites) select your soap operas, making it easier to locate when watching.


First of all, the TV SBT app has access to nostalgic soap operas, children’s soap operas, old soap operas that were very successful and soap operas that are still being shown.

“Aplicativo que tira raio-x pelo celular”

Initially, the most nostalgic soap operas are:

  1. Mari Mar.
  2. Esmeralda.
  3. Maria do Bairro.
  4. Cuidado com Anjo.
  5. Rosalinda.
  6. Perola Negra.
  7. A Madrasta.
  8. A Feia Mais Bela.


The user will be able to watch live programming and download, if they want to put the soap operas as favorites, the app also has this option to make searching easier.

Novela grátis no celular


If you liked our tips, share the link with friends and suggest some good soap operas for them to watch.

To download the applications, go to Google Play Store or App Store.