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Free app that detects lightning and thunder has been a big news among people all over the world, check it out too.

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As everyone knows, lightning has a very high incidence, and this is due to several factors in the climate itself.

Contrary to what many think, lightning and thunder do not need rain or storms to strike.

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Therefore, it takes much more than storms for lightning to form and fall in our territory.

If you want to know when the lightning rains will be so you can always be aware of the weather, this article will help you.

Links to applications and other services are at the end of this article, stay with us until the end and choose the one that interests you most.

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How are rays formed?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be raining for lightning to form, but water is essential.

It is possible that lightning will strike even on a sunny day, however, it depends on discharges from the ground and clouds.

A combination of positive and negative energies colliding with each other is necessary for an electrical discharge to be generated.

Ice crystals, almost frozen water and hail are the 3 fundamental ingredients for the formation of lightning.

Therefore, when they collide, they transform gas into plasma, leaving the cloud ionized and ready for discharge.

This entire process, despite seeming time-consuming, from start to finish takes just 0.1 second. Incredible, isn’t it?

Incidence of lightning around the world

The incidence of lightning around the world is very high, but there are tropical regions with great electrical discharge activity.

Brazil leads the world ranking of lightning incidence, with more than 72 million lightning strikes recorded per year.

See the ranking of countries with the highest incidence of lightning:

  • Brazil: + 72 million.
  • Dominican Republic of Congo: + 43.2 million.
  • USA: + 35 million.
  • Australia: + 31.2 million.
  • China: + 28 million.
  • India: + 26.9 million.

Free app that detects lightning and thunder !

Apps for lightning detection

See the apps that will help you identify and detect lightning and thunder:

WeatherBug – Weather Forecast

WeatherBug – Weather Forecast is an application that provides intelligent and practical weather news.

This way, you have access to climate changes every 1 hour, always with an accurate update.

There are a total of 18 weather maps, including: Doppler radar, lightning, wind, temperature, alerts, pressure and humidity.

With this information you can get an idea of ​​when and where there will be an incident of lightning and thunder.

Therefore, if you want to have always up-to-date and accurate access, download this app and use its countless benefits.


Check out the benefits that this application has offered to millions of users around the world below:

  • Accurate predictions.
  • 18 different types of weather maps.
  • Traffic conditions.
  • More than 10 thousand meteorological stations.
  • Lightning storm warning.
  • Hurricane alert.
  • Scheduled travel forecasts.


MyWorldWeather is an application that works worldwide, and aims to prevent and care for rain.

Therefore, this app is coordinated by WWIS (World Meteorological Information Service) responsible for climate studies.

So, if you intend to travel around the world, pay attention to this incredible world-class app.

It provides data from different cities, states and countries and maintains warnings about lightning storms, floods, heavy rains, etc.

Warning up to 30 minutes in advance, MyWorldWeather maintains your security and avoids vulnerable situations.


So, now that you’ve seen how MyWorldWeather works, see the benefits of this global weather app.

  • Radar and satellites updated 24 hours a day.
  • Warning about heavy rain.
  • Lightning storm warnings.
  • Advance alerts about the weather and possible changes.
  • Information from several countries.
  • World weather level.


AccuWeather is an incredible worldwide weather forecast app that has helped many people.

We know that leaving the house without checking the weather can be quite dangerous and subject to unforeseen events.

This way, if you are using AccuWeather, you will be protected and well aware of changes in the weather.

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The app issues accurate warnings about possible storms, hurricanes, lightning strikes, hailstorms, etc.

Therefore, regardless of where you are, this app will be able to give you detailed information about the weather.


Download AccuWeather and check out its enormous benefits:

  • Warnings and alerts about rain, storms and hurricanes.
  • Weather reminders.
  • World-class radar and satellites.
  • Use in any country.
  • Climatic precision.
  • Free version.

Free app that detects lightning and thunder !

You can download the apps through the links available below:


As condições e benefícios de cada app podem variar a qualquer momento e sem aviso prévio – sendo de total responsabilidade de seus desenvolvedores.

Para obter informações sempre atualizadas, recomendamos que você acesse a sua loja de aplicativos favorita (Google Play Store ou App Store), e baixe o aplicativo que mais te interessar.