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Find your ancestors with this incredible and free app and share this wonderful news with your friends and family.

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Imagine being able to find your family tree and have access to your ancestors? That would be fantastic, wouldn’t it?

So, this way, you would be able to see your entire lineage, so that it brings representation.

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Your ancestors are like guides, and it is important to know more and more about our family, past, present and future.

Links to applications and other services are at the end of this article, stay with us until the end and choose the one that interests you most.

What are ancestors?

Firstly, Ancestor is a term used to refer to relatives who came before us in our family.

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Therefore, direct ancestors, parents, grandfathers and great-grandfathers who are closest to our lineage are considered.

While great-great-grandparents and so on are considered more distant in our family tree.

Genealogical research helps us a lot to get closer to our lineage and our ancient history.

This way, you can see your family’s entire history and further increase the bonds within it.

Find your ancestors with this incredible and free app!

Family Search

Family Search is an organization’s application that aims to help people find their family members.

It does not work profitably, as it aims to encourage and help citizens find their family history.

In this way, it brings the person closer to a kinder reality, making them feel loved and belonging in society.

Thus, through documents, photos, immigration records and birth certificates you can find your ancestors.

Therefore, FamilySearch helps people connect with their families and their past stories.

Functioning and benefits

How FamilySearch works is very simple and straightforward, you can search for photos, documents and records.

When you access the app you can see if you already have a family tree started or formed in your family.

This way you can add more to your family tree, or even start one from scratch with the help of FamilySearch.

From the moment the information is provided, it is visible to any relative who accesses it.

Therefore, you must be careful when adding information to your family tree as it is registered in the system.

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See below some of the benefits and options offered by the app:

  • Family tree: Access your family tree, being able to add information or start one from scratch.
  • Tasks: You can see which ancestors have already been found and see tips on how to proceed further.
  • Search historical records: You can search records about your found relatives.
  • Relatives around me: You have access to relatives who are closest to you, or who have already used Family Search.
  • Mapping: Access to the Key Events of your ancestors (creation of something, Wedding, an achievement, etc.).
  • Messages: It is possible to communicate with other Family Search users and exchange tips.

Find your ancestors with this incredible and free app!

You can download this application through the links available below:


The conditions and benefits of each app may vary at any time and without prior notice – being the sole responsibility of its developers.

For always up-to-date information, we recommend that you access your favorite app store (Google Play Store ou App Store), and download the application that interests you most.