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That’s right, Luciano Huck’s famous program is back! It airs on Sundays and you can participate. Register for Lar doce lar program and have an incredible experience!

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If you dream of renovating your home or even having a new home but don’t have the financial resources to do so, your chance has arrived! This is the program for you!

Participating in this incredible show brings incredible benefits, making it possible to renovate your home and also participate in the Domingão com Huck program.

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But after all, what program is this?

Presented by the incredible host Luciano Huck, the former Caldeirão do Huck was one of the biggest entertainment programs on Brazilian television.

However, currently with the departure of host Fausto Silva from Globo Network, the program’s schedule was taken over by Luciano Huck, becoming part of the Sunday schedule. Isn’t it great?

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Caldeirão do Huck became Domingão do Huck and because of this, what was previously presented by the host will remain on his new TV program on Sundays.

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Caldeirão do Huck was given to fellow host Marcos Mion to lead the auditorium program under the new name, Caldeirão do Mion.

Thus, all shows loved by Brazilians will remain unchanged and anyone who wants to renovate their home using one of these programs will still be able to do it the way it always was. That is awesome!

Who wouldn’t like to do it, right? Have your home completely renovated without spending a dime and still gain exclusive space on television.

How does Lar Doce Lar work?

The program is full of diverse emotions and joy, but to win the final prize the chosen family must pass a test created and developed by the producers.

The competitions consist of artistic presentations or themed games such as scavenger hunts and others, performances, which may vary depending on the season. Isn’t it exciting?

To participate in the tests, you must comply with all the rules of the games to be able to compete for one of the places offered by the program to renovate your home. If participants give up, this will violate the contract signed by the reform.

It is important to highlight that the games are not complex, as the objective of the program is to make people’s dreams come true by renovating their own home.


Who can participate in the Lar Doce Lar registrations?

The rules are very simple, for example, having all the house and personal documentation in excellent condition and without any problems with the law.

In general, anyone can participate and register their family. The most important thing is to have a wonderful story to tell. Do you think you have what it takes?

How do I register for Lar Doce Lar?

The registration process is very simple and can be done completely easily and over the internet, whether by computer or cellphone.

For those interested, it is necessary to access the official Gshow website where registration takes place. Then choose the Domingão do Huck program and then the Lar Doce Lar program.

After that, you must start registering on the platform. You must provide all your necessary data such as full name, date of birth, address, etc.

Then, produce a brief presentation of your story, telling why you need to be chosen by the production.

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Okay, now you are registered in the program’s database and can be called at any time!


Now that you know how to register for the Lar doce lar program, go straight to Gshow. Stop wasting time!

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