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Messi back to Barcelona? At least this is the news of the moment, Messi would be in Catalonia to negotiate his return.

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The best player in the world, lived his best moment when he played for Barcelona. That Barcelona team with Messi, Neymar and Suarez up front was the best team.

Of course, the team with Ronaldinho Gaúcho also enchanted the world. But with the trio together in attack, it looks like Barcelona were playing for music.

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Well, the information is that the Argentine star wants to return to Barcelona. His contract is at the end with PSG, and his desire is to return to the place where he was happy.

At first, everyone believes that this should happen, and everyone will see the Argentine star again with the Barcelona shirt.

Of course, we can’t say it’s already closed, as they’re still negotiating. However, when it is the athlete’s desire, everything becomes simpler.

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Find out everything that’s happening for Messi’s return to Barcelona right now.

Is Messi negotiating with Barcelona?

First of all, this is information from journalist Gerard Romero, who among other things said that Messi is in Catalonia.

In addition, the journalist stated that Messi is with his family and his agents. The intention is that he manages to arrange his return to the Spanish team, when his contract in France ends.

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Thus, the probable date would be at the end of June, when he ends his contract with PSG.

Messi would have gone with the complete team, that is, his agents and his adviser Pepe Costa, as it seems, his return is close. Barcelona fans are looking forward to the return of their greatest star.

Evidently, his departure was not well accepted by all, but his return would heal the still open wounds. Gerard Romero said that the next few days will be busy in Catalonia.

Let’s wait for what will happen in the next few days with this negotiation.

How is Messi in Paris?

Firstly, the atmosphere between PSG fans and Messi is not the best. The fans have booed the Argentine in every game.

It weighs on Messi’s shoulders, as well as Neymar’s disqualification from the Champions League. It’s no secret that PSG’s big dream is the Champions League title.

The coming of Neymar, Messi and other great players is due to this dream. When the result does not arrive, the pressure tends to be greater.


As for his departure from PSG, it is something taken for granted, there was a poll from the Arabs, but Barcelona must be his destiny.

The proposal of the Arabs is tempting, values that are close to 400 million Euros per year. An astronomical value, however, not enough to convince Messi to go there.

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The dream of returning to Barcelona must weigh more than Arab money.

So the pressure from the fans, the recurring failures in the Champions League, and his dream, must lead Messi to Barcelona.

Messi won 35 trophies with Barcelona, and by all indications, he should lift more. In the next few days an agreement should be closed, and the return of the Argentine star will be announced soon.

Which will increase the pressure on the Argentine in Paris, and his acceptance in Catalonia.