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Which countries practice the most bodybuilding? Bodybuilding is a popular sport practiced in many countries around the world.

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However, some countries have a stronger bodybuilding culture than others.

The United States is perhaps the most well-known country for bodybuilding.

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With the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Arnold Sports Festival, held annually in Columbus, Ohio, is one of the largest international events for bodybuilders.

Brazil is another country that has a strong bodybuilding culture. It ranks second behind the United States in terms of IFBB-affiliated athletes and competitions held.

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In fact, Brazil has produced several world-renowned bodybuilders such as Eduardo Correa and Roelly Winklaar.

Egypt also has a rich history of bodybuilding and is home to some famous champions like Big Ramy (Mamdouh Elssbiay), who won Mr. Olympia 2020 title.

Similarly, Iran has been making strides in recent years with Hadi Choopan placing third at Mr Olympia 2020.

Overall, while these are just a few examples of countries with significant bodybuilding cultures and accomplishments.

It’s clear that this sport continues to be popular worldwide. And will only continue to grow as more people adopt healthier lifestyles globally.

USA: Most Popular Sport

While bodybuilding is undoubtedly a popular sport across the world. There are certain countries where it enjoys more popularity than others.

USA happens to be one of those countries where bodybuilding has a massive fan following.

With numerous gyms and fitness centers spread across the country. Americans have taken an active interest in building their physique over the years.

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Bodybuilding competitions like Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic attract thousands of people every year who come to witness some of the best physiques in the sport.

The USA has produced some legendary bodybuilders. Such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, and Jay Cutler, who continue to inspire millions worldwide.

Apart from USA, other countries like Brazil, Russia, and Iran also have a significant number of bodybuilding enthusiasts.

But when it comes to sheer popularity and influence on the sport globally. No country can match up to America’s love for bodybuilding.

Brazil: Active Community

Brazil has become a hub for bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts in recent years.

With its active community of gym-goers, the South American country is home to some of the most passionate and dedicated fitness fanatics in the world.

Brazil’s love for bodybuilding can be traced back to the 1980s. When Arnold Schwarzenegger became an international superstar and inspired many Brazilian men to take up weightlifting.

Today, Brazil boasts a thriving fitness industry with numerous gyms, fitness studios. And personal trainers spread across the country.

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The popularity of bodybuilding has also led to the emergence of several Brazilian bodybuilders who have made waves on the international stage.

Names like Eduardo Correa, Roelly Winklaar, and Victor Martinez are just a few of the famous Brazilian names that have become synonymous with bodybuilding.

The active community in Brazil’s bodybuilding scene extends beyond just professional athletes.

Everyday people from all walks of life are passionate about their fitness journey. And strive towards achieving their health goals through rigorous training regimens.

This dedication to physical health has also spilled over into other areas such as nutrition. Where healthy eating habits are encouraged as integral parts of an overall wellness routine.