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In a game that will go down in Premier League history, Liverpool’s historic thrashing of United.

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Thus, the confrontation that has always been marked by a great balance ended.

Not even the most optimistic Liverpool supporter believed in a result as elastic as this one.

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A 7-0 win was unbelievable, thus ending the confrontation between two of the greatest teams in English football.

Manchester United left humiliated and Liverpool happy for a historic game.

This was the biggest rout ever recorded in the confrontation between the two teams.

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This way, this game will never be forgotten, especially for the fans of both teams. See how it all happened.

A historic game

The Liverpool team had thrashed Manchester United by 7×1 in 1895.

Until then, this was the worst defeat in the history of the team.

This same result had occurred at other times, in 1926 against the Blackburn team.

Then in 1930 against Aston Villa and then against Wolverhampton in 1931.

Thus, losing 7-0 was the first time in the history of the great Manchester United team.

On a day when the defensive system failed too much, the game was against a strong Liverpool team.

The Manchester United team was highly praised this season for their defensive system.

However, a complete blackout occurred in this game, which resulted in the biggest rout in history.

Liverpool’s historic thrashing of United.

How was the standings after this game?

At first, this was not Liverpool’s best season until this game.

With this rout, the team rose to a modest fifth place in the Premier League, reaching 42 points so far.

Overtaking Newcastle, but still with a game to spare. Being thus, just 3 points away from Tottenham, with another victory the team reaches fourth place.

Football team with the most champions league titles

Manchester United, on the other hand, remain as they were, in third place with 49 points.

The next game will be away from home, the team will visit the Bournemouth team looking for fourth place in the standings.

While the Manchester United team receives the Southampton team in their domains. Liverpool’s historic thrashing of United.

How was the game?

It goes without saying that the Liverpool team was superior on the field, after a 7×0 result it would already be evident.

Although the Manchester United team also created some scoring opportunities.

The first half was more balanced, with the score at just 1×0 everything indicated for a very difficult confrontation as it usually is.

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However, with only 5 minutes left in the second half, the game was already 3-0.


Which completely destabilized the strong Manchester United team, making room for an even bigger rout.

That’s what actually happened, there were 7 goals and could have been even more.

Cody Gakpo scored two goals, Darwin Núñez two more, Salah two more and Roberto Firmino still left his.

This may have been Roberto Firmino’s farewell goal for Liverpool. The athlete was advised that there is no interest in renewing his contract.

In this way, the world saw Liverpool’s historic defeat of United. Now Manchester United are 14 points behind leaders Arsenal, so it will be very difficult to seek the title.