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How does Real Madrid arrive at the Club World Cup? That the Real Madrid team is the favorite for the Club World Cup, nobody denies.

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But injuries are hampering the Spanish team’s planning. A team needs good planning, good players are not enough.

The season is made up of many games, and some of great importance. In this way, if the squad is short, and some players are injured, planning is difficult.

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But now there’s nothing else to do, some improvisations will be necessary. See how Real Madrid arrive at the Club World Cup.

Real Madrid did not go to the winter market this could be costly

At first, the Spanish team gave up signings in the winter market. Believing not to need more players.

However, this planning can be expensive due to physical problems after the World Cup.

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Some players suffer from physical problems since last year’s World Cup.

When a giant team like Real Madrid signs an athlete in January, it shows the lack of planning.

The previous season with many achievements pointed to an excellent group of athletes. Thus, the hiring did not take place.

But football is really unpredictable, some athletes had physical problems. The performance dropped, so the team arrives with serious problems for the club world.

How does Real Madrid arrive at the Club World Cup?

First, the list of absences for the Spanish team in 2023 is long. Just see how many players were left out of the team’s games.

On January 7, against Villarreal away from home, the team played without the athletes, Carvajal, Mariano Díaz and Odriozola.

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Then, in the game against the Valencia team, the absences were Alaba and Tchouámeni. Then Lucas Vazquez. In this way, game after game, the embezzlements occurred.

On the point of arriving on February 5th with the absence of Éder Militão, Benzema, Courtois, Lucas Vázquez, Mendy, in addition to Hazard.

Do you want to know how Real Madrid get to the Club World Cup? With many players injured, or recovering. Thus, the team arrives weaker than everyone expected.

Is the team the same one that beat Liverpool?

Firstly, that team that beat Liverpool in the Champions League is changed. That’s right, one of the pillars of that team was sold to Manchester United.

Casemiro is greatly missed by this Real Madrid team. Regarded as the best midfielder in the world by many, the player is greatly missed.

The team even received Rüdiger and Tchouámeni as reinforcements.


However, Casemiro had a rapport that newcomers will take a while to develop. However, Casemiro was sold for €70 million to Manchester United at the age of 30.

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The value was good, but, on the field, the team takes time to recover.

Players Kross and Modric remained, but they feel the absence of Casemiro alongside.

Furthermore, Modric at 37 needs more time to recover. Thus, the team will need to overcome to get this title again.

The Real Madrid team faces Al Ahly on February 8th. Winning this game, the Spanish team will face the winner of Flamengo x Al-Hilal.