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Learn all about Super Bowl LVII here. The super teams of the Eagles and Chiefs will meet in February for the much-awaited Super Bowl.

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You will discover some curiosities, in addition to knowing more about the times and about the event in general.

It is the most anticipated event of the year, the super teams of the Eagles and Chiefs will measure strength in the event.

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Or that not before September there were 32 teams, now there are only 2 left over, everyone is waiting for a great game.

In the end, it should take place on February 12, or yes, we are a few days away from the big sporting event. I knew all about Super Bowl LVII.

I knew all about Super Bowl LVII

At first, the day chosen was February 12, the event will take place at State Farm Stadium, in Glendale, Arizona.

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Everything is already being prepared for, as is customary, everyone will have a big sport party.

More than 60,000 people are expected to be present at the event, everyone wants to follow closely.

The halftime show will feature 34-year-old singer Rihanna. It will certainly be an amazing party, so it’s worth it to be present at State Farm Stadium.

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We might be in for surprises on the show, as Rihanna is unpredictable. Let’s see what the break has in store for us.

You won’t stay out, right? Secure your ticket to the big sporting event. I knew all about Super Bowl LVII.

What is the backstory of the teams?

First, the two teams do not have a Super Bowl game between them in their history. Thus, in a game of such importance there is no hindsight.

However, the Eagles are in their fourth Super Bowl, in 2018 the team secured the title.

While the Chiefs team is in its fifth edition of the Super Bowl, showing strength this is the third in the last 4 years. Having 2 titles, thus, the Chiefs arrive strong for this decision.

In 2024 the Super Bowl will take place in Las Vegas. The definition in advance is very important for the preparations.

But not just for that reason, the public travels from far and wide to follow the event.

Thus, the number of people in the places increases a lot, thus requiring greater preparation and structure.


We are just a few days away from the event, if you want to be present at the most important game of the year, you better hurry.

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Since tickets sell out quickly, people from all over the world tend to attend these games.

After all, the best players in the world will be on the field. Catch Eagles v Chiefs on February 12th, straight from Arizona.

The Chiefs arrive as favorites, due to the campaigns of the last four years. However, in the Super Bowl anything can happen.

The game will be at the home of the Arizona Cardinals, who have never won a Super Bowl. Having only one vice in its history that occurred in 2009.