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Some exercises can be very healthy if done right, learn how to do the bent-over row correctly. Have a healthy life, avoid shoulder injuries and build your muscles safely.

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Having a training routine is something very interesting for those who want to have a healthy life.

Learn how to do the Curved Row the right way. Know everything right now. Get to know this exercise and add it to your training routine.

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Curved row, what is it?

You will practice 3 movements with the bent-over row, shoulder extension, scapular adduction and elbow flexion. Learn how to do the Curved Row the right way.

Thus, it is an exercise that requires the work of many muscles simultaneously, which is great for those who want to work their body well.

Do the bent-over row to work multiple muscles, see:

First of all, you have to understand that there are several muscles worked together. That way, this is a very interesting exercise to do in bodybuilding.

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With it you work, the back, in addition to the trapezius, brachial biceps, serratus, among other muscles. Thus, you can combine several parts of your body in just one exercise.

Thus increasing muscle volume in your dorsal region, as well as improving your stabilization for training.

What care should I take to do the curved row correctly?

The best decision will always be to be accompanied by a professional, in this way you will avoid many injuries.

As well as problems in the lower back, after all, these areas will be very demanding during exercise.

Learn how to do the Curved Row the right way.

At first, keep your legs just slightly apart, with your feet positioned shoulder-width apart. then lean your torso forward, hold the bar without destabilizing your spine.

Crossfit beginner tips

Now you must pull the bar towards your abdomen, flexing your elbows, correctly closing the scapula.

You can’t cross the shoulder line with the elbow, that way you won’t get hurt. Then start the descent, always with the elbow extended, make the movement lightly, until you open the scapula.

Discover some variations of the bent-over row

For the barbell bent-over row, you’ll use the W-bar, requiring less of your forearm on the exercise because it’s more anatomical.

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However, this format will not be ideal for those with back pain. Never place the bar too close to your shin and feet, thus avoiding the imbalance of the body, in this way you will avoid injuries.


The bent-over row can be done with dumbbells, thus offering greater wrist mobility. Avoid moving the torso during the exercise, torso movement will cause injuries.

Finally, keep your spine straight at all times, your elbows need to remain aligned with your shoulders, and your wrists need to be straight at all times.

That way, you’ll get the exercise, work the right muscles, and never get injured. Exercite-se agora mesmo, não perca mais tempo, cuide de sua saúde com a remada curvada.