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UFC: Deverson will need to undergo surgery. The flyer category fighter after receiving hard blows did not make his eyes open.

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MMA is a fantastic sport, putting professional fighters in an octagon is always fascinating.
Especially when we have fighters who like the standing fight.

The exchange between the fighters led the audience to delirium.
Both Brazilian Deverson Figueiredo and Mexican Brandon Moreno are great fighters.

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The fight ended with Mexican victory for technical knockout after a great sequence of blows. Sad for the Brazilians who watched everything closely.

UFC: Deverson will need to undergo surgery.

The fight

At first the Mexican fighter Brandon Moreno was very intelligent throughout the fight.
In the first movement Deverson Figueiredo tried a punch, but Brandon got a fall.

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At first Deverson managed to take Brandon’s neck, even underneath. However, it could not evolve into a finish.

When the first round was already heading for the end, Brandon got another fall. In this way, the two fighters showed to have Jiu Jitsu up to date with a scraping succession of the two fighters.

The second round started very excited, the fighters connected good blows until Deverson got a spectacular fall.

Moreno connected a great kick, however, Deverson managed to hold darkness of darkly taking him to the floor.

Even though he fell underneath, Moreno managed to defend himself well, and got up quickly.

Then the two fighters had a good sequence of falls, Moreno managed to take Deverson again to the ground, but Deverson fell over. Then Moreno gave him a creep in his opponent.

Until Deverson fitted a good guillotine, (Jiu Jitsu coup that seeks the strangulation, making the opponent give up), but Moreno managed to escape.

The best martial arts for self-defense

At first, the fight was still well disputed by the two fighters, making it difficult to know who would win.

Until in the third round, Moreno connected a good punch, which soon gave signal to referee Herb Dean asking the fight to stop.

The complaint was finger in the eye, which does not seem to have happened. The referee kept the fight for a moment, Deverson managed to grab Moreno leading the fight to the ground.

Until the fight was interrupted by medical reasons, Deverson could not see one eye. In this way Brandon Moreno unified the title of flyweight.

Face fracture

After the fight, the next day an image exam showed a fracture on the nose bone. This way you may need to have surgery.

Deverson Figueiredo is a great fighter, it may go up category for the next fights.

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Meanwhile, Bradon Moreno follows the champion of the category.

Brandon showed his entire category in this fight. Deserved victory of the Mexican fighter.


We still don’t know when the belt defense will be and who will be the next opponent of fighter Brandon Moreno.

But whoever comes is good to be prepared, Brandon proved to be a very hard fighter to defeat in the octagon.

UFC is synonymous with good struggle, if you are a lover of mixed martial arts, UFC is your place.