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You, music lover, know how hard it is to be without your soundtrack, don’t you? Listen to your favorite songs for free and without internet using the tips we’ll give you in this post!

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You won’t regret it and you’ll still enjoy it A LOT!

Let’s get to know the list of the best apps to listen to music totally free and without internet!

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Lark Player

Lark Player is easily our favorite and top pick for the best free offline music app or for listening to music without Wi-Fi. It has all the features you will ever need and comes with a beautiful interface.

Lark Player lets you manage your music connection; you can easily browse and manage all music files on your mobile.

When you listen to music on Lark Player, the lyrics are synced in real time, giving you a smooth and amazing listening experience.

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Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet is free and allows you to enjoy your local audio files when you have no Wi-Fi connection. The app is simple, easy to use, dynamic and compact.

With Musicolet, you can enjoy smooth and unhindered sound experience; it comes with an equalizer that helps you enhance the music as per your taste.

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Many people have enjoyed using YouTube Music, it proves to be a good option both as a premium and free application, which gives you the option of listening to music even offline.

It supports high quality audio, playback experience without Wi-Fi connection – after downloading songs – and music discovery where you can find new and popular songs.

Specially made for Android phones, you will love the interface and user-friendly way of YouTube Music. You can also listen to music on your mobile’s local file without Wi-Fi.


BlackPlayer is simple, minimalist and beautiful. It plays all the songs from your phone storage, organizes them into playlists for you, and gives you a customized listening experience.

If you want you can adjust sound equalizer or bass tone, BlackPlayer is perfect for you. Want more? You can enjoy your music and listen to the lyrics with its customizable interface.


Rocket Player is one of our favorites. You can use Rocket Player to listen to music for free. It also comes with an equalizer to customize your music and a simple interface to search your media files by genre or album.

Rocket Player is also smooth and unique and allows you to enjoy your music without Wi-Fi connection.



We also recommend Vanilla Music to you. It has all the necessary features of a good music player, and it even lets you listen to them offline.

It supports song queue, non-pause playback and many more features. You can use Vanilla Music’s equalizer to customize your songs and still listen offline anytime and anywhere.


Lastly, we have Foldplay. Foldplay is one of the simplest music players that you can use to listen to your music offline.

It comes with many different customization options for your music listening experience as well as its interface.

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Listen to your favorite songs for free and without internet.

Foldplay prioritizes song performance and cover display; and so you will enjoy using Foldplay too and without Wi-Fi.


It’s a lot of options, isn’t it? Now that you know them, go straight to  Google Play Store or App Store and ensure the best app for your needs.

We hope this application has helped you find an option to listen to your favorite songs for free and without internet.

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