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Who doesn’t like a good FIFA game, right? We’re sure you’ve either played or at least heard of this game. Surely you would like to have an App to play FIFA 23 for free, wouldn’t you? This app already exists!

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Newly released for mobile devices, FIFA Mobile is packed with premium content, including clubs and players from the world’s top leagues. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

In the game, the player will start with a simple team and will later be able to reinforce it with world soccer stars, found in the format of collectible cards.

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How to download the app?

Step 1:

Firstky, go to your cell phone’s app store (Google Play on Android devices and App Store on IOS devices) and search for the term “FIFA Mobile”. Click on the app icon to be taken to its download page.

Step 2:

Click to install FIFA Mobile on your smartphone and wait for it to install. The time may depend on the type of device you are using and also the speed of the internet you are connected to.

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Step 3:

After downloading FIFA Mobile, click on the “Play” option to run the game on your device.

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Done! As simple as that, the app is ready to use. Have fun!

To play on different devices and save your progress, you need to create a FIFA Mobile account. To do so, simply link your account with Facebook or your device’s game service. The option to enter as a guest limits the progress made to the device used.

This step is very important so you don’t lose your progress!

FIFA Mobile also allows the player to adapt the video settings to favor the quality, performance or battery consumption of their device. To make changes, from the home screen, click on the gear located in the top corner of the screen.

Then tap on the “Graphics” option. On the next screen, four graphic settings options will be available: “Energy Saving”, “Medium”, “Advanced” and “Ultra”. The battery and processing expense is proportional to the quality requirement.

If you’re unsure how you want to set your graphics preferences, the “Recommended” button will adjust the visual options for the best experience your device can provide.

All of this can completely change your experience with the app’s gameplay, depending on which device you intend to play on.

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Now that you know how the app works, don’t waste any more time and go straight to the Google Play Store or to the App Store to start your games!

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