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If you are a fanatic of soap operas, would you like to remember or revive soap operas that you watched? On this post, we are going to show you the best applications to watch soap operas for free on your cell phone.

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Today there are applications dedicated to the transmission or retransmission of soap operas offering you the opportunity to see them online, providing tools that are developed by the television companies, so that you don’t miss a chapter of your favorite soap opera.

Don’t worry! You can see where you find it for free, with these applications to watch soap operas for free on your cell phone, using the mode of Digital Television or with services of transmission of Medium IPTV through the Internet.

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Some services require you to subscribe, but there are many open channels that give you free internet access.

Here we will let you know how to access the applications to watch free soap operas on your cell phone. We will name the best ones:


It is an application for SBT channels, and according to where you are located at real time, you only have to register. For free.

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This platform also offers content for series, shows and, of course, telenovelas.

If you want to keep up with your programming, you can create a profile as a transmission service and that will allow you to follow the progress of the episodes.

Also show ads, it’s completely free. You can control the various functions that the application has, including the image in image mode.


It is an app that many Android devices are included and run without the need for internet connection.

With an easy process you can access. To start, connect the device’s antenna to the headphone jack, if you want to use headphones only.

Once you’re connected, it’s like looking for channels on a TV. There you can find all the channels of digital signal open, and you can connect with the one you like the most or broadcast the program of your choice.

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With this app you can also see the broadcast of your program in real time. You can select your favorite channels and save them, recording live the clips stored in the integrated library.


For lovers of telenovelas and those who for reasons of time do not have it through television, this option is for them, as it is an app that retransmits television channels. It will happen many times in real time.


Widely used, this app searches for channels that broadcast telenovelas and offers you the opportunity to ponerte the day if you didn’t see the last chapter, because you retransmit it and that way in the pierdes details of nothing.

This free TV app offers you the opportunity to watch Latin American channels, being the most preferred by Mexicans, you can also find them from countries like Colombia, Venezuela and Spain.

As you can see, it is an excellent option with varied programming.



Also known making compendiums of films, series and telenovelas, also broadcast live.

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It is available and free of charge for those who register on its platform, broadcasts live from Futura and TV Globo to your location.

In a Account with a paid subscription you can access closed channels and play on a maximum of 5 different devices at the same time.


So… Go to Google Play Store or App Store and try out the apps!

We hope you enjoyed our post and we hope to see you soon with much more amazing content!