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One thing is for sure: Everyone likes to always smell good, don’t they? We have developed a list that will make you discover the best selling men’s imported perfumes. Do you know what they are?

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Let’s check the list!

Invictus Victory – Paco Rabanne

In first place in the ranking of our list of best imported men’s perfumes, is the perfume Invictus Victory by the brand Paco Rabanne. In a trophy-shaped package, it causes a real sensorial impact, bringing refreshment and sensuality.

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Bleu – Chanel

The classic Bleu de Chanel perfume has notes that convey freshness, elegance and a timeless fragrance. It is an intensely woody perfume, a sales phenomenon since 2010.

Sauvage Parfum – Christian Dior

Then there’s Sauvage Perfum, whose poster boy is actor Johnny Depp. The predominant aromatic characteristics are woody touches that are confused with notes of pepper, lavender, cedar and other components. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Armani Code – Giorgio Armani

We have on the list the classic Armani Code perfume, which brings a sweeter and woody base. This perfume can be ideal for you to wear both everyday and on special occasions. It’s definitely a remarkable scent.

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Chrome Extreme – Azzaro

According to the brand itself, the edition was inspired by the depths of the sea. In other words, it brings the sensation of freshness, lightness and intensity of a dip in the immensity of the sea. From the citrus olfactory family, this perfume caters to men of all ages.

Scandal Pour Homme, Jean Paul Gaultier

With a campaign inspired by a boxing ring, Scandal Pour Homme perfume brings a sense of confidence and sensuality, in addition to the amazing packaging design!

Aqua Di Gio – Giorgio Armani

This perfume is timeless and full of personality, which goes well both during the day and at night. It has essential oils that guarantee freshness, lightness and an unmistakable citrus touch.

Polo Blue, Ralph Lauren


The Polo Blue perfume has a fresh fragrance and has, as top notes, melon, tangerine and cucumber, which provide freshness and vigor, applying a fine fruity and sweet first impression.

The heart notes are smooth and velvety, with basil, sage and geranium, but at the same time they are strong and elegant.

Finally, the base notes are woody and sensual, with musk, woody notes and suede. A mix of hot and cold notes. In short, it is a classic and traditional perfume.

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212 VIP Men – Carolina Herrera

With its classic silver packaging, the unmistakable scent of the 212 VIP Men has spices that mix notes of lemon, pepper, ginger, passion fruit, vodka, gin and amber.

Discover the best selling men’s imported perfumes.

Scuderia Black – Ferrari

Its essence can be diversified between citrus touches of lemon, plum, apple and warm spices with woody and vanilla notes. Quite interesting, isn’t it?


Now that you know which are the best men’s perfumes, go buy yours! We hope you enjoyed it and see you in the next article! Goodbye!