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Who doesn’t love football, right? We know you do! It is very easy to have access to football matches nowadays. Apps to watch free football.

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Champions League to national matches are being broadcasted live and completely free of charge on apps to watch free football.

Football is a very popular sport all over the world, especially in the United States of America. Even in countries where the sport is not widely practiced, there are still many fans from the most varied football teams. Many people are interested in having access to football-related content but don’t know how.

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Well… Because of many people’s need to know more about this subject, we made a list with four different apps to watch the games and also with particular tips for each one.

So… Are you ready? Shall we check the apps out? Let’s go and stop wasting time!

One Football

This application has completely free broadcasts and also has the dissemination of news about the world of sport. Pretty nice, right? You have to try it as soon as possible! Believe us. You will thank us later.

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Watch ESPN

Who doesn’t know ESPN, right? This ESPN streaming app has several content options, such as English, Spanish, Argentine championships, among many other options available.

The biggest comebacks in Champions League history

In addition to that, the viewer can also watch several other sports besides football, such as surfing or basketball.

The application is not restricted to football, as it opens up possibilities for the viewer to watch other types of sports.


As it is one of the first sports streaming services, the viewer has a lot of content to watch since the app is loaded with content longer than the others.



Women cannot be left out when we are talking about football! The female audience is also interested in the games and the female players also deserve to be seen. With this app, you can watch women’s football, youth games and much much much more!


Now let’s get straight to the point and put the tips into practice. To download the applications mentioned above, all you have to do is to go to Google Play Store or App Store, find the apps, download them and enjoy!

The list of options doesn’t stop there. You can also find even more options in your cellphone’s app store, if you want to try them out.

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You have a lot of catch up to do about the games matches lost so far! Hurry up!

So… Now that you know what apps are available and because you are a big fan of football matches, just hit download and enjoy! We already gave you the way! If it’s up to you, you will never miss watching a match of your favorite sport.

We hope you liked our article and see you next time with much more content! Bye bye!