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If you enjoy working out and you’re not getting the results you want, something could be wrong. See the main bodybuilding myths that can delay your results.

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There are some practices common to people who work out that may be getting in the way of results. Know the main mistakes made by people in gyms.

In this way, get better results with your exercises, thus accelerating your results. Want to know more about these myths, stay with us in this text.

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Some people end up having problems with their workouts because they eat the wrong way. Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle.

To lose weight, some people eat very little, almost starving, or actually starve.

And when they want to gain mass, they eat everything they can, believing that they will gain mass quickly. However, both concepts are wrong.

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About what to eat, the decision should be made by a person who is trained in nutrition. In this way, your result will be ideal. Eating what you need to lose weight or gain mass.


There are some people who believe that stretching before training reduces strength, this is yet another myth that exists in many training places.

In principle, a misinterpretation of a study is what caused this myth. In fact, any intense pre-workout activity can disrupt your workout.

That is, stretching should be done, however, in a simple and moderate way. So that nothing changes in your strength and your training.

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But lack of stretching can increase injuries, so make sure you stretch properly before training. So prepare well before muscle action.


First of all, it’s good to know that practicing other sports like football or crossfit doesn’t interfere with the results of the gym.

What can happen is to improve your results, after all, they can increase your physical preparation. This way, your breathing will improve.

That is, your gym results will be even better if you practice other sports. However, food should be a good thing, after all, caloric expenditure is higher.


Another important issue is rest time, your body needs time to recover. That way, take breaks between workouts, so your results will be even better.

Do you have mandatory exercises?

Likewise, some people believe that there are some exercises that are mandatory. In this way, they think that the bench press needs to be bench press with a barbell.

Otherwise you can’t work your chest correctly, but that’s another myth. Some people may have limits on some exercises for health reasons.

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That way, you can do another type of exercise and work the same muscle. The truth is that each person may need a specific workout, in order to train their body.


Top bodybuilding myths that can delay your results.

Training can be much smoother if you make the right choices for your body. With the right diet and the right kind of exercise.

In addition, other sports can help with physical preparation, which improves training results. So training is much more than following a few myths.


Top bodybuilding myths that can delay your results, discover and don’t waste time on your training.