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Who was never in doubt about what clothes to wear at that special weekend event because they didn’t know if it was going to be sunny or raining and ended up having to inform themselves about the weather?

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We are sure you have already done that! Can you imagine how amazing to have apps to see the weather on your phone?

Sudden changes in the weather can be quite frustrating as they can ruin your plans to go to the beach, watch movies under the covers, a walk in the park with your dog, among other occasions.

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Whether it’s getting colder, getting hotter, or even raining, your plans can take a big hit as the weather changes.

With that in mind, the best thing to do is to be prepared. Never be caught off guard. Or without an umbrella.

We’ve made a list of the best apps currently available so you will never be caught off guard with that rain in the middle of your walk or that intense wind on your sunday picnic.

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So… Shall we check the list? I bet you are super curious! Let’s go!

Google Assistant

Firstly, just let us say something: Google is indeed a revolutionary company, isn’t it? Its intelligent virtual assistance service is present on all Android devices and can even be downloaded on iPhone.

Being compatible with both operating systems is a very good advantage. To check the weather is very easy: just open the Google app and search for the weather marker.

Samsung Weather

The differential of this app is that it has a widget that allows you to place a temperature indicator on your phone’s home screen.

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That makes everything pretty easy. Like Google Assistant, it can also be activated by a simple voice command.


On Apple devices, the weather can be consulted in the native iPhone app, using the Siri virtual assistant or manually.


The WeatherBug app concentrates multiple functions on a few screens and offers live weather images. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

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The Weather Channel

This app shows basic information like wind speed, humidity and other more specific information like allergy alert. Although simple, The Weather Channel app is quite complete. Don’t underestimate it.


The famous AccuWeather application features a variety of visuals, such as realistic graphics and images, to present weather conditions, which makes the user experience much more interesting.

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To download any of the applications mentioned above and know more about the weather forecast, just go to Google Play Store or App Store and enjoy what technology has to offer you.

Choose which app best suits your need and good luck!

So… Now that you know how amazing apps to see the weather on your phone are, we hope you enjoyed our tips and we look forward to seeing you in the next post! Bye bye!