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Social medias that focus on posting photos are always on the rise. From Snapchat to Instagram, knowing how to edit your photos can be a differential when it comes to attracting attention.

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But you don’t have to take several courses or pay a lot to get amazing results, just use one of these apps, try out its features and soon you’ll be editing like a pro.

We have figured out the best apps to use filters on photos.

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So… Let’s see the best applications to use filters on photos, making them look professional and astonishing.


Firstly, Picsart is a popular app full of free features, you can do a lot with it since it’s easy to use.

With this application you can edit photos, add stickers, make collages and mainly apply filters that make your photo amazing.

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Pros: free, easy to use, lots of features, no subscription required, available for android and iphone;
Cons: Some functions require payment.

Facetune 2

This free app is focused on selfies, allowing you to edit the skin, accentuate something you like or hide something you don’t, and add filters, among many other features.

Pros: many functions, focus on selfies, available for android and iphone;
Cons: Some functions require a monthly subscription to use.

Adobe lightroom

Can you imagine using a professional application on your cell phone and for free? With Adobe Lightroom you can easily improve your photographs by adjusting lighting, color, details and applying effects, plus it’s super easy to compare the original photo with the new one you just created with a single click.

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Pros: professional app that is easy to use, get better quality photos, available for android and iphone;
Cons: Some premium features require a subscription.


The popular VSCO Cam app is an essential photo editing application to have on your phone. With it you’ll be able to adjust all the details necessary to attract attention on any social media, using the pre-existing filters, as well as creating your own, improving the contrast, exposure and sharpness of the images.

Pros: free, allows the creation of filters that can be used on other images, available for android and iphone;
Cons: Has paid features.



With Prequel you’ll have hundreds of options to edit your photos and add that special touch by mixing existing filters.

In addition to the various effects available, it is also possible to insert frames and make some modifications to someone’s features.

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Pros: free, many accessible effects, available for android and iphone;
Cons: It has features that need a subscription to be used.

Best apps to use filters on photos.

So, with all these app options, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to transform your photos with all the editing modes and filters available, so take advantage of any of these free apps and start beautifying all your photographs right now.


To download these great applications, go to App Store or Google Play Store.

Thank you for reading our article and see you on the next post!